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Hello stranger! I am Tau/Shishi (石狮), a digital artist and space enthusiast.I am Aromantic, Asexual, and Agender (阴阳人/yīnyáng rén).I draw aliens, creatures, furries, and monsters, and I enjoy gore, horror, and sci-fi.My accounts are 18+ for occasional gore, horror, and mature/suggestive content.Otherwise, most of my content is SFW. Regardless, no minors please. 🔞💳 COMMISSIONS • Closed
🎁 TRADES • Friends & Mutuals Maybe
🎇 REQUESTS • Unavailable

Do not use, trace, or copy my art or characters.
Reference or inspiration is OK.
No reposts without permission.

Black Lives Matter ✊🏿
Stop Asian Hate 🏮
Trans Rights are Human Rights ⚧️
Land Back ⛰️
All Cats Are Beautiful 🐯
Solidarity is Mandatory ⚒️
Be Kind🌹
Non-con, incest, pedophilia, and zoophilia are condemned.
No AI art, cryptocurrency, or NFTs.